Monday, 9 July 2012

The rain stopped for a day...

Finally, the rain eased off and the sun came out for one day! What a difference a bit of sun makes too. A visit to Chard res produced a redshank (not a common bird here) as well as a couple of reed warblers, a single sparrowhawk, 2 buzzards, 11 tufted duck and 7 common sandpiper at the northern end of the (flooded) res.

Path near the duck feeding area - about 10 inches deep here
The redshank in flight near the hide

With 2 of the 7 common sandpipers at the north end

Later in the day a visit to the in-laws house at Whitestaunton produced a nice peregrine over

and plenty of Azure damselflies on their pond

Unfortunately a not-so-lucky house martin had left the nest early at some point and had succumbed a few hours after it was found...

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