Thursday, 14 March 2013

Testing, testing, one, two......well, just two, there's no three

I'm really into these bridge cameras. I've owned a couple of cracking cameras for a year now, in my opinion the best two on the market at the time of writing - namely a Nikon Coolpix P510 (42x optical zoom, C£250) and more recently a Canon Powershot SX50 HS (50x optical zoom C£350). In fact my fellow contributors use them as well and most of the photos you'll see on this site for the last year will have been taken on one of these. Now I know the picture quality on full zoom leaves a bit to be desired (can be quite a lot of noise and some colour fringing - see the crossbill image in the last post), but for record shots and regular use they are simply unbeatable. The nearest equivalent lens for my digi SLR, would set me back a cool £3500 (Sigma) or £12000 for the Nikon. In fact I couldn't get an equivalent lens as it would have to be a 1200-1400mm, which would mean re-mortgaging the house and it would also weigh a ton! So, I'm not necessarily going to get those magical flight shots and they won't always be the sharpest image possible but they're not bad, not bad at all...and it fits in my coat pocket :-)

Dunnock at 6 meters
Dunnock at 10 meters
Collard dove at 25 meters

Turn around, flick the zoom and I can get this too.
Plus you can video with them as well! Check them out for yourself:

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