Sunday, 24 March 2013

What a Twite!

It was decision time this morning. Two showy twite have been hanging around Aust Warth near Bristol for 64 days now and although not the most striking of birds, they are none-the-less very scarce in the west and it was about time Dave, Andy and myself went to see them. Boy was it cold! An easterly wind numbed the fingers and face but after half-an-hour and a stomp around the salt marsh, they finally appeared in their favourite trees...and showed really well, for twite.

Twite, Aust Warth: R. Harris

Twite, Aust Warth: R Harris

Twite, Aust Warth: D. Helliar
A short hand-held video taken on the camera...

My birding over for the day, Dave and Andy went on to Portland to see the Bluethroat that turned up yesterday...

Male Bluethroat, Portland Bill: D. Helliar
Bluethroat: Andy Grinter
Wheatear: Andy Grinter

and had this lovely second summer med at Ferrybridge too:

2nd Summer Med Gull: Dave Helliar
Dunlin: Andy Grinter

Me thinks we all had a good day!

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