Monday, 24 June 2013

Tragedy in Bristol...

Well, as if the evidence wasn't compelling enough it saddens me to have to read tweets like this today:

"It does sound bad. Getting pictures at weekend of evidence of diggings where Lizard orchids taken from Bristol site."

When will people learn not to tweet or Blog every bloody site out to all in sundry!!  What's wrong with some people that they feel that sharing sites of rare and vulnerable species over social media is an OK thing to do? There ARE still people out there who will pin butterflies, there ARE still people out there that will dig up rare orchids and there ARE still people out there who will take eggs from bird nests - look at the recent Little Tern colony episode in the north of the country. And if you Blog or tweet out sites YOU are responsible for contributing to the actions of those few idiots! And please, don't be ignorant enough to say, 'well, it's already out there - you can find it if you look on the web', do your bit and protect them, don't repeat the mistakes of others. We should't tolerate outrages like the digging up of lizard orchids or the pilfering of little tern nests...what a bloody sad day.

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