Sunday, 23 March 2014

Great Spotted Cuckoo...

Pleased that one of the locals managed to go and see the Great Spotted Cuckoo in Pembrokeshire. Andy Grinter made the long trip last weekend and managed to see the bird just before it was flushed by photographers and flew off to part of the nearby island you can see in the image below. I know only a handful of photographers who have the proper field-craft to get great shots without detriment to the bird itself and they all happen to be great birders too. Nothing more sad than watching a hoard of photographers chase a rare bird all over the place just so they can get a crippling shot published online or in a magazine, shame. Anyhow, that's enough grumbling - I didn't even go for it so I'll let you drink in the scenery - he did see a few other birds as well:

The cuckoo flew to the Island when spooked by photographers.

Chough: Andy Grinter
Kestrel: Andy Grinter
Stonechat: Andy Grinter
Tenby: Andy Grinter

And that's the beauty of Bridge Cameras, you know you're never going to be the next David Bailey but you can still get a decent shot without having to get too close to the bird. Some nice pics Andy.

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