Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Things are happening on patch!

At last things just seem to be moving. Yesterday I got a text from Dave Helliar to say there were 4 cranes on patch! Needless to say I set off pretty darn quick to go take a look for myself. En route I got a call from Dave to say 'don't rush, they're colour ringed' - re-introduced birds from the Great Crane Project. So, although not wild birds it was still a treat to see cranes so close to home and who knows, next time we could get a wild bird.

Cranes: Dave Helliar
Cranes: Dave Helliar
Quelle surprise - after been present about half an hour they were flushed by a dog walker who came up and asked what the large birds were that she had just flushed and we were looking at! CWAD!

Things were coming and going all the time though - a splash of other less regular birds were also present including a flock of 7 dunlin that flew in, at least 5 common sands a greenshank and the first sedge warbler of the year:

Greenshank: Dave Helliar
Dunlin flock: Dave Helliar
Reed Bunting: Dave Helliar
Sedge Warbler: Dave Helliar

Noticeable movement on patch today (Tuesday) as well with 18 wheatear in one part of a ploughed field close to my house. Couldn't even see the whole field so highly likely the total would have been higher still. Also saw and heard my first whitethroats on patch in Chard today.

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