Monday, 1 December 2014

Richard's Pipits...

Yes, Richard's Pipits!  Three in fact...and in Somerset too!  Great find by Julian Thomas on Saturday, initially a single bird, which was then joined by a second and a possible third present too. Roger Musgrove confirmed three present early on Sunday and so a trip to the North Somerset coast was in order. Didn't expect to connect with them as easily as we did and they showed well...for Richard's Pipits. Though never much closer than 30+ metres they did at least sit up on the tussocks and nearby fence a few times. The light was behind them the whole time but Andy Grinter managed to get a couple of shots and I got some video for the record:

Little 'n large - dwarfing the meadow pipit: Andy Grinter
Richard's Pipit, one of three: Andy Grinter
Richard's Pipit: R Harris

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