Monday, 6 June 2016

Local Round-up...a bit of a catch-up - part one.

That last few weeks has seen a flurry of good local birds, butterflies and other wildlife and Dave Helliar has been catching up with a few of them. Spring migrants and a few scarcer species too...including this lovely red-footed falcon at Morden Bog in Dorset.

Red-footed Falcon: D. Helliar
Green Woodpecker:D. Helliar
Flyover Osprey nr Chard: D. Helliar
An unexpected visitor was this unusual wagtail. The restricted white throat isn't pronounced enough for a full blown Iberiae nor all yellow (as would be expected in Blue-headed) and instead indicates a possible hybrid between the two?

Interesting wagtail showing traits of a hybrid
f. flava x iberiae: D. Helliar
Possible f. flava x iberiae wagtail nr Chard
D. Helliar
Red Kite nr Chard: D. Helliar
Hobby: D. Helliar

With the warmth comes more wildlife too:

Common Blue: D. Helliar
Common Lizard Z. vivipara: D. Helliar
Common Lizard Z. vivipara: D. Helliar
Common Lizard Z. vivipara: D. Helliar
Four-spotted Chaser L. quadrimaculata: D Helliar

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