Friday, 3 November 2017

Garden List...

It's been an unusual week to say the least. Having now lived at Whitestaunton for nearly three years, it's not often that I can add a new species of bird to the garden list. Red kite was the first addition for nearly a year back in the summer and then nothing. Until this week. Last Sunday I added Hawfinch and Firecrest to the list, amazing! Two new birds in one day. Then today I got home after the morning school run, walked into my office and saw this...

Black Redstart, female, Whitestaunton 
Just 4ft away, sat on the apex of the conservatory was a smart female Black Redstart - another 'first' for the garden! I ran to get my camera and managed a single shot before it was chased off by a Robin. I headed outside and relocated it sitting on the tv ariel.

Black Redstart, Whitestaunton 
Black Redstart, Whitestaunton 
At this rate I predict the next new bird on the garden list will be Yellow-browed Warbler...but only time will tell.

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