Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Little Dipper!

A trip down to South Milton Ley over the Easter weekend proved uneventful. The Little Bunting, which had been happily feeding up to two minutes before we arrived, disappeared not to be seen again until late afternoon. By that time we'd moved on to try and catch up with a pair of Garganey on Slapton Ley - no joy there either!  On to Yarner Wood for pied flycatcher (yes!) and a fine bunch of Mandarin duck by the car park hide too.

Finally back to Budleigh Salterton, last stop of the day to try and see the purple heron that had been showing on and off for the last few days. We were directed to a ditch where it had vanished an hour ago...things were not looking good!  We finally gave up and headed back to the car when a final glance across the field produced...

a very distant purple heron in the murky light skulking along the edge of the ditch.

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