Saturday, 16 February 2019

This is your captain speaking...

Ok, so things have been very, very quiet on the Blog of late but I do have a good excuse... I've been learning to fly!

No, no, no! Not passenger stuff, I'm not flying people off on their hols or anything like that but I have just finished my PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) training. That means I'm now a fully qualified commercial drone pilot as recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)!  It's taken months of prep (and lots of practice around Gatwick :-) but I'm very pleased to have passed my ground school, written operations manual and my flight assessment practical test. I can now get paid for aerial photography and filming work - everything from roof inspections, land surveys, agricultural surveys or anything that anyone would liked photographed or filmed from an aerial perspective, including footage for promotional ads, tv and films etc.

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There are also an increasing number of drone applications for the study, survey and general filming of wildlife too, so watch this space. And if you need any aerial work undertaken, do get in touch. I can provide High res RAW or Jpeg images as well as 4K video footage, all at competitive prices!

My mean machine of choice...
Mavic 2 Pro
Of course I must mention the wonderful Aviation Systems Group (ASG) who were kind enough to let me join their course at the end of last year and a particular thanks to Jonathan Reed of RNAS Yeovilton who shared so much of his knowledge and experience of flying military drones with me. Jonathan's lessons got me through the course and the flight assessment so a huge thumbs up to him, great guy! Here's a little bit of video shot during the recent snow.

Until next time... it's up, up and away!