Monday, 8 October 2012

Something scarce in the bird hide...

No, not a real birder with bins 'n' all (sorry for the dig mums with pushchairs...not) but a spider. A spider called Lariniodes sclopetarius. Described in the Collins Guide as 'very locally distributed throughout England and Wales and generally rather uncommon.' Not in Chard Res bird hide, loads of them in there! Anyone who visits the hide regularly will have noticed them getting out of the way as bins and scopes get pushed through the viewing windows but this little chap (see photo below) is quite a good find. They are always found near water (they got that right) and are sometimes given the English name of 'bridge spider' or 'grey-cross spider'. This was a smaller one - some are just enormous!

Larinioides sclopetarius

Larinioides sclopetarius

Click on the 'Spider' page link on the right for a few more recent photos.

Love 'em or hate 'em, they are all around us and there are plenty of good spiders to be seen when the birds are scarce.

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