Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hawfinches, Norton Sub Hamdon

After a report of up to 8 birds yesterday, an early start by the Church in the village this morning produced a flock of 10 followed by a single bird on its own, quite amazing and easily the largest flock I've ever seen. They spent most of their time in the top of tall polars along the edge of the churchyard and Rectory Lane or flying around calling, fantastic birds. Short hand-held video clip below taken from about 100m away in poor light but you can see what they are...

And a couple of images too...

Hawfinch, Norton Sub Hamdon: R Harris

Hawfinch, Norton Sub Hamdon: R Harris

After this a visit to a traditional tree sparrow site produced good numbers but no photo ops and then to finish off the morning a stop at Cheddar reservoir produced 3 Goldeneye, small numbers of Pochard, a little owl and 3 Scaup quite close to the northern edge:

Scaup, Cheddar res: R. Harris

Scaup, Cheddar res

Not a bad morning's birding in Somerset!

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