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Friday, 11 January 2013

Hawfinches revisited...

With rubbish weather forecast for the weekend (and being a lovely sunny morning), I decided to go back to Norton Sub Hamdon to see if I could get more views of the Hawfinches still patrolling the churchyard there. There were at least 10 birds present while I was there, sitting in the beech trees along Rectory Lane and feeding in the Yew tree next to the church.

Hawfinch: R. Harris

Sadly not in sharp focus Hawfinch :-(

Hawfinch: R. Harris
Then, with the clock ticking, it was off to Bathpool to see the waxwing flock that's been feeding on mistletoe berries in an orchard for the last few days.

Waxwing: R Harris

Waxwing: R. Harris

Waxwing: R. Harris

Makes you wonder how many hawfinches are waiting to be found - certainly keeping an eye on my local churches!

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