Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cautious crossbills...

A visit to the Blackdowns was in order this morning. The sun was out, it felt like spring and I had to do the school run, which meant I was only a few miles from my favourite spot on the hills. Apart from one CWAD it was completely peaceful and quiet, which is why I like the place. After about 10 minutes of quiet waiting, I noticed a couple of birds flitting between some pine trees about 240 meters away and on raising my bins found not two but four stonking crossbills! They are usually found here but I haven't seen any for some time, so very pleased they are still about. Apparently the pine cones haven't done well this past summer (no surprises there then!), so most of our crossbill have dispersed to find food elsewhere.

Male crossbill (from 240m - not bad really)
I never seem to be able to get too close to these beautiful birds, despite my best stealth mode! However I did managed to sneak to about 20 meters and grab some video before I had to leave and found there were five in total, 3 of them beautiful males.

Certainly one of my favourite birds. Also present were 25 siskins, 4 goldcrests and 2 roe deer.

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