Saturday, 6 April 2013

'Wight' spotted bluethroat

Great start to a family holiday on the I-O-W. Last night I had both little and barn owls just outside our cottage and this morning I popped down the road to see this long-staying male white-spotted bluethroat at St Helen's. Nobody there when I arrived and there's plenty of good bluethroat habitat at The Duver! After wandering aimlessly for 20 minutes, a couple of CWAD put me out of my suffering by directing me to where it was usually seen (thank you! Not a phrase I'm use to saying to CWAD but in this case they saved me a heap of time). There was just one guy there trying to get photos and me, although we were joined by another birder just before I left. It showed very well indeed and in brilliant sunshine. What a gem!

W-S Bluethroat, St Helen's, I-O-W: R. Harris

Bluethroat: R. Harris
W-S Bluethroat: R. Harris

Definitely a W-S Bluethroat!: R. Harris 

W-S Bluethroat: R. Harris

W-S Bluethroat: R. Harris

W-S Bluethroat: R. Harris

A very confiding bird showing down to 10ft - always very impressive birds. If it hangs around it could be on my 'must see again' list for later in the week.

Finally one of the more common residents at Carisbrooke Castle...

Jackdaw: R. Harris

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