Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Thanks to Dave Helliar for supplying these great shots of some local butterflies taken in the recent (all to brief) spell of sunny weather. Considering the pressure butterflies and their habitats are now under from the weather, farming methods and the trampling feet of ever growing numbers of people using our countryside; there are still a few about this year. Duke of Burgundy' seem to be really suffering though and are much scarcer than usual. Anyone visiting sites for any of the scarcer species, please make sure you are aware of the food plants and avoid stepping on them! They need all the help and protection we can give them.

Duke of Burgundy: Dave Helliar

Duke of Burgundy: Dave Helliar

Green Hairstreak: Dave Helliar

Grizzled Skipper: Dave Helliar

Green-veined White: Dave Helliar

Orange-tip: Dave Helliar

Peacock: Dave Helliar

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