Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bit of catch up...

Looks like everything kicked off as soon as I left the country!  Happened last year too, no sooner had I jumped on the plane to Canada, the short-billed dowitcher turned up at least that stuck around until I got back unlike many of these lovelies - thanks to Dave H. for the photos:

Little stint, Chard Res (I did get this one) 3rd record: D. Helliar
Lesser Yellowlegs, Exeter: D. Helliar
Lesser Yellowlegs: D. Helliar
Lesser Yellowlegs: D. Helliar
Osprey: D. Helliar
Crossbill, Chard Res: D. Helliar
Grey Phalarope, Chard Res: D. Helliar
Found by Kev Harris - 3rd record
Grey Phalarope: D. Helliar
Spotted Crake, Seaton: D. Helliar
I'm sure the local birders are hoping I'll go away more often!

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