Monday, 2 September 2013


I had a nice surprise today when Dave phoned to say a possible wryneck had been seen in a private garden at Chaffcombe and the couple concerned wanted someone to come and verify it. Luckily I'm in a position to down tools and dash off if required so I grabbed my gear and jumped in the car without hesitation. On arrival I was greeted by the owner of the garden, Mr David Bracher, who advised that the bird had last been seen about half-an-hour before. Photos were produced on the gentleman's pc and it was indeed a wryneck. I then noticed a short turfed paddock close to the house and went to have a look, just in case. And there it was, sunning itself in the grass. I just had time to race back, grab my video gear and get a few shots of it before it disappeared into the hedge, not to be seen again for another 5 hours. Photos to follow...

Wryneck: D. Helliar
Wryneck: A. Grinter

Wryneck: R. Harris
Wryneck: R. Harris
Wryneck: R. Harris
...and a bit more video:

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