Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Yellow-browed Warbler...a first for the res

A text from Kevin Harris yesterday afternoon, had me racing to Chard res to try and see a Great White Egret that had just been reported. As I approached the reserve wood, Dave Helliar joined me from the opposite side of the meadow and we went to take a look from the hide. Alas, it had gone. This one has been reported a couple of times recently but is proving to be elusive. We left and went our separate ways, Dave back to his car on the west side of the res and me south towards Oaklands car park. I'd only walked about 20 yards when I heard a Yellow-browed Warbler call 3-4 times from the willows that edge the footpath. I turned to call Dave but he'd already disappeared! A quick phone call later and Dave joined the search. No sooner had he walked around the back of the willows, than it hopped out in front of me and called again, BINGO!

After that it showed intermittently. Good but brief views were had by Myself, Dave Helliar, Henry Squire and Andy Grinter. Dave somehow managed to get a record shot of it too, no mean feat considering how quickly it moved:

Yellow-browed Warbler, Chard Res: Dave Helliar
I cheated and took the following video grabs:

YBW: R. Harris
YBW: R. Harris
YBW: R. Harris
YBW: R. Harris
And the (very) short video clip itself, for what it's worth - TIP: don't blink or you'll miss it:

It was still present today - very vocal at one point and showing from time to time.

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