Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Better late than never...

Back in September I led a group (on business) out to Nova Scotia. It's a stunning place but unfortunately there were no birding opportunities on this trip so I had to make do with what I could grab on the go. Although I notched up a surprising number of species, I didn't have the photo opportunities that I normally get because the group was quite large = constant monitoring and mass disturbance everywhere we went. I thought I'd post a few dodgy shots that I did get though, rather than leave them to gather dust on the hard drive:

American Herring Gull, Nova Scotia: R. Harris
American Herring Gull, Nova Scotia
American Herring Gull, Juvenile, Nova Scotia
American Herring Gull, Juvenile, Nova Scotia
American Herring Gull, Nova Scotia
Adult Am Herring Gull, Nova Scotia
3rd winter Am. Herring Gull, Halifax, NS
Hermit Thrush - one reason I didn't shoot off to
Porthgwarra a few weeks back: R. Harris
Arse-end view of a Song Sparrow!
Black duck...
Cedar Waxwing
Double-crested Cormorant
Humpback whale, Bay of Fundy
White-tailed deer, Kejimkujik Nationa Park
The trip into the Bay of Fundy was spectacular with incredibly close views of humpbacks next to the boat. If I get time I'll upload a short vid of one of them coming up next to me. Also several hundred great shearwaters, some within just feet of the boat but unfortunately they were there and gone before I could snap them with the bridge camera. 

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