Wednesday, 27 November 2013

False widow...

Despite the change in the temperature recently, there are still a lot of insects around, particularly red admirals. ..and spiders. When I opened the front door to head out at the weekend I found this one letting herself in to my nice warm house - the largest Steatoda nobilis I've ever seen. She truly was an impressive spider, even if not the most well marked example I've seen:

Steatoda nobilis: R. Harris
Birdwise things are still pretty quiet. The pair of stonechats are still present close to the house but the black redstart has not put in another appearance unfortunately. I spent some time yesterday watching the meadow pipits as they foraged around a manure heap in the field next to my house - they are such lovely birds when you get a chance to stop and really study them.

Meadow pipit: R. Harris

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