Saturday, 14 December 2013

Desert Wheatear...

Earlier in the week a report came in that a male desert wheatear was showing well at Severn Beach in south Gloucestershire. After seeing great photos on various sites over the last few days I'd made the decision that if it was reported yesterday (Friday), I'd give it a shot this morning. I picked up Andy Grinter at 06:45 so that we could be there for first light. It took a while to appear and when it did it seemed to favour a block of open plan garages under a small block of flats/houses just by the sea front. It spent several minutes at a time hopping around the vehicles in each bay before finally coming out into the open. When it did, it showed very well indeed, at times approaching birders and photographers to within a few feet! Despite reports yesterday that it appeared to be on it's 'last legs', this morning it seem pretty chipper to say the least. Most of the time I had a job to keep up with it on the video camera and it seemed to be feeding often, so hopefully (fingers crossed), it will be fit for its onward journey, wherever that may be.

Desert Wheatear, Severn Beach: R. Harris
Desert Wheater, Severn Beach: R. Harris
Desert Wheatear: Roger Harris

And more cracking pics from Andy Grinter...

Desert Wheatear, Severn Beach: Andy Grinter
Desert Wheatear, Severn Beach: Andy Grinter
Desert Wheatear, Severn Beach: Andy Grinter

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