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Sunday, 22 December 2013

What's black and white and red down under...?

Today was the day to get out. Yesterday was pretty wet and miserable, tomorrow is suppose to be a wash out with gale force winds thrown in for good measure. Today was beautiful and sunny, for the most part. Following sightings of a black guillemot in Portland harbour yesterday, I decided to head that way in the hope of connecting with it and it didn't take long to see it. It was giving great scope views as it lingered off a group of buoys out in the Harbour off Portland Castle. The harbour was quite lively with well over 50 red-breasted mergansers, a female eider, a juv great northern diver, 2 razorbills a little grebe, with slavs and black-necked grebes close by off the yachting club.

The black guillemot was a great little bird though and actively fed along a stretch of water about 150 meters away, each time it dived its brilliant red feet could be seen flipping into the air. It was a bit far for photos but I just about managed a record shot after finally timing it right (the first 10 pics all seemed to catch it as it disappeared below the swell):

It was there, honest! Next to the buoy in the circle...
Testing the SX50 to its max capability and then some.
and a bit of crap video just to round it off....

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