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Friday, 14 February 2014

Rarity at the res...

This weather had to deliver something to Chard res LNR and it did. Last night Dave Helliar found an adult kittiwake in the North-east corner near the reed beds and Andy Grinter managed to get a record shot of it before the light got too poor to do so...

Kittiwake - live, Chard res: Andy Grinter
This a mega for Chard res, the last record way back in 1997 and only a couple of previous records prior to that!  Unfortunately I didn't get to see it as I was otherwise engaged helping raise some money for Jacob's school (of all the evenings!). However I did drop by this morning and found the bird dead on the shoreline - Dave had mentioned it didn't look at all well.

Same bird, not looking at all chipper :-(
Personally I think it must have realised where it had landed and then drowned itself...I'd probably do the same.

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