Thursday, 24 April 2014

Green-winged Orchids...

Green-winged Orchids Orchis morio, are always an eagerly anticipated Spring gem. This year the numbers and size of the local spikes seems to be spectacular - nice to know all the wet weather earlier in the year has been good for some things! Green-winged's look similar at first glance to Early Purple Orchid and the easiest and most obvious way to tell them apart is the lack of spots on the Green-winged's leaves. The sepals are also veined with green (hence the name), although this isn't always as obvious on some plants. Here are a selection of shots, including a couple of the lovely pink variety.

Green-winged Orchid, R. Harris
Green-winged Orchid (showing the green-veined sepals)
R. Harris
Single flower from the front: R. Harris
And from the side: R. Harris
Green sepals very easy to see on this
pink variety: R. Harris
This one had much more white on the lower lip.
Green-winged Orchid: R. Harris
Another pink one!
As above
Orchids everywhere! Stunning display
Cowslips looking magnificent

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