Thursday, 4 September 2014

Didn't expect to see one of these today!

I really didn't expect to see one of these today but an initial report of Spotted Crake this morning at Black Hole Marsh turned into a Little Crake by mid-morning. I decided I'd pop down this evening to see if it would put in an appearance. That was until Dave Helliar found it again at lunchtime after it had not be seen in over 3 hours. I'm glad I made the effort as it was showing very well, though distant, when I got there, so hopefully it will settle in for a while.

Little Crake, Black Hole Marsh: R. Harris
I don't think it's worth publishing any more photos as they are all as bad as this one. It was about 100 metres away so the video's not much better but at least you can see what it is. This one was taken on the SX50, hand held so sorry it's not rock steady!

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