Monday, 6 October 2014

Blast from a twitching past...

Great to see Rich Heddington's account of our 1984 Scillies trip - memories come flooding back! Even pics of my brother Duncan and myself (I'm the one soaking my feet after covering some mileage in search of a mega).  Those were heady days (no pun intended). Not sure Scillies will ever again get the quality birds they use to get then, that's up to the Jet Stream, but it's still a magical place and I'd go back in a October of course.

Twitching a Common Yellowthroat
Samson Hill, Bryher, Oct. 1984: R. Harris
Note: I don't think there's a single camera lens in the photo above - the good old days when birders were birders and stayed a respectful distance. Everyone enjoyed the bird and it stayed for 15 days, that wouldn't happen today.

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