Friday, 21 November 2014

Didn't expect to see one of these today! ...part deux.

Got a message from my brother Duncan this afternoon to say he'd seen a "massive lizard in the field approaching the Lordleaze Hotel". I nipped over there quickly to take a look, half expecting to see a Green Iguana, which are frequently kept as pets. I met Duncan close to the sight who then guided me back to the spot where he'd seen it. Sure enough, it was still there but unfortunately it was dead and it wasn't a Green Iguana but a 2 ft Savannah Monitor (Varanus exanthematicus)! It looked to be a female in pretty good condition judging by the girth of the tail, so had presumably not long escaped from someone's collection - a real shame, such a lovely reptile.

Savannah monitor: R. Harris
Savannah monitor: R. Harris

It hadn't been dead that long and I think the temperatures last night would have been enough to kill it.

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