Saturday, 21 March 2015

Local round-up...

Thanks again to Dave Helliar for sending in a round-up of local wildlife for this week.

Hybrid tufty that turns up from time to time: D. Helliar
Not sure of its parentage but weird: D, Helliar
Hybrid tufted duck: Dave Helliar
Smart male wheatear, Branscombe: D. Helliar
Firecrest, Branscombe: D. Helliar
A local Little-ringed Plover, first of the year: D. Helliar
Greylag Goose - a local rarity: D. Helliar
And rarest of all, this week's partial solar eclipse. The cloud cover actually aided viewing and no filters were needed for these shots:

Started around 08:20: D. Helliar

Reached its peak around 09:25: D. Helliar
I even managed a short video of it, though cloud typically hid it from view as it reached its peak of 85%:
Partial solar eclipse, 2015: R. Harris

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