Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Great Pretender...

I came across this male Grass Snake Natrix natrix this morning, clearly about to slough (note the milky white eye). It was quite cool to the touch and immediately 'played dead', initially hiding its head in its body coils but soon decided to go for the Oscar and dangled its head, mouth open, tongue lolling and saliva drooling in the hope that I would put it down so that it could move away. It stayed like this for about three minutes before deciding the deception hadn't worked at which point it made a miraculous recovery and made off for the nearest piece of cover.

Grass Snake Natrix natrix, 1st attempt to play dead: R. Harris
Still trying and keeping an eye on me: R. Harris
The full works, I'm dead...honest!
Ok, maybe not. He stops after a few minutes: R. Harris
A couple more reptiles present this morning:

Common Lizard, Zootoca vivipara, female: R. Harris
Slow Worm Anguis fragilis, female: R. Harris

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