Friday, 17 July 2015

Brief Interview with a Wildlife Legend...

Nigel Marven is simply one of the greatest TV presenters and wildlife documentary producers of our time. A long time herping hero of mine he has done more to promote wildlife, particularly the less popular families of reptiles and spiders, than just about anyone else I know of. His 'Ten Deadliest Snakes' series is still aired regularly on EDEN and I have to confess I've watched them all, more than a few times.

I was deeply honoured today when Nigel took the time to Follow me on Twitter and allow me to ask him a few questions about his career with snakes. My thanks go out to him, I know he's an incredibly busy guy...

Q.1 At what age did you become interested in snakes and wildlife?

Nigel Marven: I've been interested in wildlife since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Never had a train set, but had my first reptile pet, a green lizard, age 9!

Q.2 What are your top ten snakes from anywhere in the world?

Nigel Marven: Top 10 snakes. Taipan/ Red-sided Garter/ Adder/ Nose horned, Orsini's and Eyelash vipers/ Water python/Aesculapian/ Bull snake/Mandarin rat

Q.3 What is your favourite country for herping in and why?

Nigel Marven: I can't choose because wherever I go on any Continent, local herpers make any trip fun and memorable!

Q.4 What has been your most terrifying moment when handling a snake?

Nigel Marven: Always treat snakes with admiration and respect, handle with care. In Kenya I was blinded by a spitting cobra, scarey!

Q.5 Are their any species of snakes that are still on your 'wish list' that you haven't seen yet?

Nigel Marven: The bush viper (Atheris) and Iran's Spider-tailed Viper, both are surreal serpents!

What a top bloke! Nigel's new series of 'Ten Deadly Snakes' is being finished at the moment so do keep an eye out for them on SKY before too long. Don't forget to check Nigel out on  and Twiiter: @NigelMarven

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