Monday, 27 July 2015

Perez's Frog...

Introduced marsh frogs have long been established in the UK and Somerset is home to very healthy breeding populations. Last summer the county branch of the Amphibian & Reptile Group began testing the population at Ham Wall RSPB reserve on the Somerset Levels with surprising results. Their genetics in fact showed that they were Pelophylax perezi also know as Perez's Frog, Iberian Water Frog, Iberian Green Frog or Coruna Frog (if you've ever wondered why Latin names are preferred by many, this is why - there's only one Latin name!). Whatever you decide to call them, they are usually found in Spain, Portugal and France.

Like most marsh or water frogs (and unlike our own native Rana temporaria), perezi is more vocal with a longer breeding season than our native species and is inclined to sit in the open on banks and pond edges. To some extent it is therefore much easier to locate and see them well. They are certainly a very attractive (if genetically complex) species group.

Perez's Frog, Pelophylax perezi Ham Wall: R. Harris
Perez's Frog, Pelophylax perezi Ham Wall: R. Harris
Perez's Frog, Pelophylax perezi Ham Wall: R. Harris
Perez's Frog, Pelophylax perezi: R. Harris
Showing pale dorsal stripe and dorso-lateral folds.

They also have longer legs than temporaria and are usually quick to disappear into the safety of the water when approached.

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