Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Jynx torquilla. What a great name. It's English name Wryneck also aptly describes this wonderful little bird. Like most members of the woodpecker family this bird is a real contortionist and frequently twists its head around at seemingly bizarre angles.

This one has spent the last few days in the vicinity of the Pulpit Inn and the Observation quarry at Portland in Dorset and was photographed by Dave Helliar:

Wryneck: Dave Helliar
Wryneck: Dave Helliar
Reminded me that we had a very local bird near Chard at the same time two years ago, they are intriguing little birds to watch as they search for ants:

Wryneck near Chard from 2013: Roger Harris

Dave connected with a few other birds at Portland Obs, where had the opportunity to photograph a few in-the-hand shots of migrants about to leave our shores:

Young Swallow, Portland Bill Observatory:
Dave Helliar
Examining its gape: Dave Helliar
Willow Warbler: Dave Helliar
Willow Warbler: Dave Helliar
Last but not least Dave had a few insects still on the wing this week including a few Chalk Hill Blues, a Jersey Tiger and a Tree Bumblebee, Bombus Hypnorum:

Jersey Tiger moth: D. Helliar
Chalk Hill Blue: D. Helliar
Tree Bumblebee: D. Helliar
Thanks to Dave for his photos and round-up of the local wildlife this week. I'm off to Canada and will update the Blog on my return in a couple of weeks.

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