Friday, 26 February 2016

Cage Fighting...

Yesterday was the third day in a row that the beautiful male Brambling returned to the garden in Whitestaunton. I finally managed to grab some video of it late yesterday afternoon and added it to the clips I'd already taken of the Siskins and other birds visiting 'The Cage' over the last couple of days.  My father-in-law really should patent the idea. In a (successful) attempt to keep the Grey Squirrels, corvids and Wood Pigeons from decimating the bird food supplies, he constructed this huge cage around the bird table area of the patio and it works a treat. The smaller birds are able to get in and out through the tennis court netting and feel so safe inside that they don't even bother that much about the occasional cat or Sparrowhawk passing through!

It doesn't look elegant but the birds really love it, including the flock of 25 Siskin now fighting to feed on the sunflower hearts. It looks like the Brambling may have finally moved on though, no sign of him so far today.

'The Cage' - not pretty but effective.

And here's a short video highlighting the last couple of days sound on this one because it's all filmed from indoors. I took the background noise out as flushing toilets did nothing for the film.

Note: The Brambling appeared again late in the day on the 27th for what may have been it's last visit as it hasn't been seen since. Very nice while it lasted.

Brambling, male: R. Harris
Nuthatch: R. Harris
Siskin, male: R. Harris


  1. Thats a good way to beat the 'food stealers' - next step is to find a way to make the wires disappear in photographs!

    I wonder if you would be interested in link your bird post up with Wild Bird Wednesday - a bird blog link up that runs from Wednesdays (!) to Sundays on my photo-blog, About 50 bird bloggers from around the world join in and it would be great to have more UK content. Whole thing will take you about 30 seconds!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne, Australia

  2. I really like the sweet little siskin....

    1. Thanks, they are very smart little birds but like most common species, often overlooked.

  3. Nice set of birds - not seen any of these in a while!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: feel free to link this post to Wild Bird Wednesday on my photo-blog