Saturday, 20 February 2016

Med Gulls...

Forty miles away in Weymouth Mediterranean Gulls could almost be described as abundant with gatherings of nearly 1000 birds being a frequent occurrence in winter. Come forty miles west to Lyme Bay and they are much more scarce, regular visitors but scarce. Two on the river at Axmouth this morning were two of only half a dozen I've seen locally this winter. It's such a shame we don't get more, they are one of my favourite gulls.

1st winter Med Gull, Axmouth: R. Harris
1st winter Med Gull and Black-headed Gull, Axmouth: R. Harris
Adult winter Med Gull: R. Harris
There happened to be a large number of Common Gulls on the river this morning too and they always seem to be indicators of potentially good gull watching, acting as a carrier species for their scarcer relatives. Waders were thin on the ground today though, just the regular species seen.

Curlew: R. Harris
Redshank: R. Harris
Redshank: R. Harris
Back at Whitestaunton the weather had brightened and the feeders in the garden were busy. We still have five Siskin visiting the garden each day - so different from when I lived in Chard just 4 miles away.

Goldfinch: R. Harris
Greenfinch: R. Harris
Siskin: R. Harris

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