Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Local Round-up...a bit of a catch-up - part two.

This is the second instalment of Dave Helliar's regular round up of local wildlife from the past couple of weeks. To kick things off a trip to the wonderful Quantock Hills in Somerset and some very nice summer migrants. Pity all of these have vanished (or are very scarce) from the Blackdown Hills...just can't work out why the Blackdowns have become so unattractive to so many species?

Wood Warbler: D. Helliar
Pied Flycatcher: D. Helliar
Redstart: D. Helliar
Redstart: D. Helliar
Small Heath: D. Helliar
And from Devon (also disappeared from it's haunts on the Blackdown Hills...)

Wood White: D. Helliar
Wood White: D. Helliar
From closer to home on Dave's regular patch near Chard:

Long-tailed Tit: D. Helliar
Mandarin Ducks: D. Helliar
Roe Deer: D. Helliar
Great Black-Backed Gull - a local rarity!
D. Helliar
Grass Snakes: D. Helliar
Grass Snakes: D. Helliar
Grass Snakes: D. Helliar
Common Blue: D. Helliar
Large Red Damselfly: D. Helliar
Azure Damslefly: D. Helliar
Mayfly: D. Helliar

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