Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Noctules and Serotines...

I may not be getting much birding done at the moment but the recent run of milder weather has allowed me to get the bat detector out most evenings. The result has been to really get to know which species occur in the garden here at Whitestaunton, including our two largest species - Noctule and Serotine.

Their differences can be clearly seen in flight, the Noctule has long, narrow wings designed for fast agile flight in open environments while the Serotine has much broader wings for slower flight, which better suits its foraging style - they have a very different jizz about them (to coin a birding phrase). Their calls are also diagnostic and the differences can be seen on the following spectrograms. You can also click on the link in the caption to hear a sound file recording of each species in time expansion mode taken on the Echo Meter Touch:

Serotine recorded at Whitestaunton, Somerset
Noctule bat, Whitestaunton, Somerset

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