Sunday, 3 July 2016

June Round-up...

Thanks again to Dave Helliar for a photographic round-up of wildlife seen in the last few weeks of June:

First the plants. Giant Hogweed is a much maligned introduction, which is usually eradicated as soon as it appears. In Somerset it is widespread but never very common and always nice to see. Unfortunately these few plants have already been sprayed since the photos below were taken.

Giant Hogweed: Dave Helliar
Giant Hogweed: Dave Helliar
Common Spotted Orchid: Dave Helliar
And some butterflies...

Ringlet (possible ‘caeca’ form showing only the
inner white dots): D. Helliar
Ringlet (possible ‘caeca’ form showing only the 
inner white dots): D. Helliar
Marbled White - one of our most
striking species: D. Helliar
Marbled White: D. Helliar
Marbled White on Southern Marsh Orchid
D. Helliar
A normal Ringlet (compare to above): D. Helliar
Large Skipper: D. Helliar
Small Skipper: D. Helliar
Small Magpie moth: D. Helliar
Dragons and hoverflies...
Golden-Ringed Dragonfly: D. Helliar
Banded Demoiselle: D. Helliar
Helophilus pendulus: D. Helliar
Ruby-tailed Wasp (Chrysis sp): D.Helliar
Little-ringed Plover: D. Helliar
Family of Mandarin Ducks: D. Helliar
Imm Nuthatch: D. Helliar
Juvenile Swallow: D. Helliar
Juvenile Swallows: D. Helliar

Large female Grass Snake Natrix natrix helvetica
about to slough: D.Helliar
A great pictorial overview of our local wildlife by Dave Helliar.

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