Wednesday, 26 June 2013

False widows are back...

My son alerted me to the first spider shown. He knows to shout "daddy a spider, come and get it" whenever he sees one and probably just as well he did. Although not particularly large Steatoda nobilis (sometimes called the false widow), can inflict a very nasty bite. I did find them in the house last year and they are spreading further across the country - so keep an eye out for them!

Steatoda nobilis: R. Harris
Next up we have it's very close relative, Steatoda grossa - this is also known as a false widow in North America. It too can inflict a bit of a nip and it was walking across the floor of my office last night:

Steatoda grossa: R. Harris
Last but not least, another visitor in the house (I was just capturing this one when I noticed the above in my office) - this one is harmless though, despite the huge fangs. It's Amaurobius similis, only about 5mm in body length.

Amaurobius similis (immature): R. Harris
And here's an adult that was sitting under the lid of the compost bin at lunchtime today...

Amaurobius similis: R. Harris
Take a close look at those fangs...
Few more macro shots from today while the lens was on the camera...

Bombus pascuorum: R Harris
B. pascuorum: R. Harris
Rutpela maculata (immature): R. Harris
Yellow dung fly: R. Harris
Panorpa communis: R. Harris
Scarlet pimpernel: R. Harris

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