Thursday, 18 July 2013

And today's forcast is HOT!

As the warm spell of weather continues, so the insects seem to be catching up and, in many cases, are now having a bumper year! Thanks to Andy Grinter for the following photos taken around Newton Poppleford in Devon and Pilsdon in Dorset last weekend:

Comma: A. Grinter
Peacock caterpillar: A. Grinter
White-legged damselfly: A. Grinter
Green-veined White: A. Grinter
Meadow pipit: A. Grinter
Gatekeeper, male: A. Grinter
Meadow Brown: A. Grinter
Meanwhile, I spent the weekend at Legoland theme park in Windsor with my family. My little boy's been asking to go there for ages and it has to be booked so far in advance, so this was the weekend. It was great fun and nice to spend some time with my wife and boy and I hadn't been in the park more than 10 minutes when this beauty came drifting overhead...

Red kite, Legoland: R. Harris
Red kite: R. Harris

Not too bad considering I only had my 100mm kit lens with me.

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