Saturday, 6 July 2013

Collard Hill

This has to be one of the most well publicised sites in the country, so no point pretending the following were taken somewhere else...It was scorching hot today, so off to Collard Hill to try and get a glimpse of the large blue. Despite a dozen people on the slope looking for them, there had been no sightings when I arrived this morning. That didn't bode well, the large blue has been struggling this year after a poor spring and late start to the summer weather. I was wandering back along the slope (making my way back to the car), when a blue whizzed past me and settled on some wild thyme. It had to be one, and sure enough...

Large Blue: R. Harris
Managed a single snap before it disappeared. Plenty of other stuff to keep me interested for a another hour though, including:
Marbled white: R. Harris
Six-spot burnet: R. Harris
Pyramidal orchid: R. Harris
Bee orchid: R. Harris
Musk thistle: R. Harris
Dwarf thistle: R. Harris
Meadow cranesbill: R. Harris
Yellow-wort: R. Harris
Great-green Bush Cricket (imm): R. Harris
What another great morning in Somerset.

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