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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


As we move into mid-summer many of our native spiders are maturing and becoming more noticeable. Here are a few seen on my patch in Chard this week:

Araniella Sp. possibly cucurbitina: R. Harris
Araniella Sp. possibly cucurbitina: R. Harris
Agelena labrynthica: R. Harris
Enoplognatha ovata, male: R. Harris
Scotophaeus blackwalli: R. Harris
Tegenaria Sp.: R. Harris
Tetragnatha extensa

A few other insects seen too:

Large Skipper: R. Harris
Strangularia maculata: R. Harris
Also the first Spear Thistles and Great Willowherb coming into flower now.

Spear Thistle: R. Harris
Great Willowherb: R. Harris

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