Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Local round-up...

Apologies for not having posted much recently. Work has overtaken me somewhat and I've been a tad busier than usual. Thanks then to Dave Helliar for keeping the news coming in including the following photos taken around the local area during the last couple of weeks:

Migrant Hawker, Chard: D. Helliar
Worn Chalkhill Blue, Portland: D. Helliar
Misumena vatia with prey, Chard, D. Helliar
Great White Egret having a stand-off with a
Little Egret, Seaton: D. Helliar
Looks like the GWE has the upper hand
GWE, Grey Heron and Little Egret, Seaton: D. Helliar
Osprey, Seaton: D. Helliar
Wheatear, Seaton: D. Helliar
Young wren soaking up the sun, Chard: D. Helliar

Hope to be posting more in the coming weeks.

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