Friday, 22 May 2015

Pleased as Newts...

The garden pond at Whitestaunton is really coming to life now. A torch lit walk around the perimeter over the last few nights has revealed at least 15 Palmate Newts Lissotriton helveticus and a couple of Smooth Newts Lissotriton vulgaris too. I never tire of amphibians and the males are particularly handsome at this time of the year as they're out to find a mate.

The Pond...well established
and huge!
Smooth Newt, male: R. Harris
Smooth Newt, male detail of the tail: R. Harris
Smooth Newt, male - showing the bright
underparts and spotted throat: Roger Harris
Palmate Newt - pale, unspotted throat and filament
on the end of the tail (not shown in photo)
R. Harris
Palmate newt, male - showing filament
and webbed hind feet: R. Harris
Palmate Newt, tail detail: R. Harris

Night time counts over the last week by torchlight have given max counts of 26 Palmate and 5 Smooth newts but I suspect there are considerably more present. 

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