Thursday, 1 August 2013

Things are on the last

At long last things seem to be on the move around Chard. The res is starting to improve a little and we've picked up one or two local goodies as they move through the Chard area.

Little-ringed plover, nr Chard: Andy Grinter
Little-ringed plovers: Andy Grinter
Little-ringed plover, nr Chard: Dave Helliar
Common sandpiper:, nr Chard Andy Grinter

Green sandpiper, nr Chard: Dave Helliar
Oystercatcher, nr Chard: Dave Helliar

A visit to Chard Res early this morning produced another surprise in the form of 4 black-tailed godwits feeding in the SW corner, including a nice male Islandica form and a sedge warbler (both surprisingly rare passage visitors at the res). I did get some very grainy video, the mist was just clearing and the light appalling at 06:30!

Andy Grinter just emailed to say he'd found a tawny owl sitting outside his office this morning too...

Tawny owl: Andy Grinter

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