Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Bee Orchids...

2020 has been exceptional for many reasons, Covid-19 has disrupted lives around the planet, in the UK we have experienced the warmest, driest May on record and (now that we can travel locally) I've seen more Bee Orchids, Ophrys apifera, than ever before.

The conditions this spring seem to have been ideal for many orchid species - ironic considering we haven't been able to travel to see them for the first time ever! However, now that lockdown has eased slightly, my son and I have returned to doing his preferred walk in Seaton and it was on one of these walks a couple of weeks ago that I noticed a large colony of Bee Orchids in pristine condition. The Ophrys family are probably my favourite of the British orchids, they are very distinct, attractive plants and the Bee is certainly one of the most exotic looking.

One of around 30 flower spikes

I went back again to make a short video with Nigel.

Broad-leaved Everlasting Pea
also adding a splash of colour.

Stinking Iris - I usually find them when they're
past their best so nice to see it in flower.

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