Sunday, 23 August 2020


Whilst lockdown for Covid-19 is over in the UK, things still feel far from normal. Travel restrictions are making filming overseas difficult, although there's light at the end of the tunnel. Running the moth trap two or three times a week from home has been a lifesaver during this time.

Persistence paid off last week when I found a Bedstraw Hawkmoth in the trap, a new species for me.

Bedstraw Hawkmoth

Bedstraw Hawkmoth

Other species from the last few weeks include:

Limespeck Pug

Barred Hooktip


Marbled Green

Yellow Shell


Rosy Footman

Small Yellow Wave

Iron Prominant

Copper Underwing

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Pebble Prominent

Buff Arches

Drinker, female left and male right

Elephant Hawkmoth

Lilac Beauty

Large Emerald

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